Compressed Natural Gas

RISE Energy Services is the exclusive sales agent of Xpress Natural Gas (XNG), the leading provider of compressed natural gas through their “virtual pipeline” solution. Customers using either propane or fuel oil can convert to safe, reliable and cost-effective natural gas supply.

  • Currently serving 40+ commercial and industrial customers that have made the switch to natural gas
  • Extensive asset base with 200+ CNG trailers and five strategically located supply points (compression stations)
  • Typically, able to save 20-40% on annual fuel costs and emission reductions vs. propane/fuel oil.
  • Enables delivery of renewable natural gas supply (further emission reductions)
  • XNG can help with permitting, site engineering, delivery logistics, construction management, and commissioning.
  • XNG enables a seamless transition to natural gas and provides delivery and storage trailers and a decompression skid on your site.
  • Operating area includes New England, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Pacific Northwest U.S.