Trying to stay on top of all the latest developments in the sustainable energy space? Need a crash course in Renewable Natural Gas, Renewable Power, Carbon Offsets or Sustainability Reporting?

Rise Energy Services provides custom workshops and seminars that can be delivered on site or virtually. We can tailor for energy procurement professionals, sustainability professionals, senior management or even corporate boards or advisors. On average, Rise team members have over three decades of energy industry experience, and we boil down complex topics to the big themes and ideas you need to know, efficiently and effectively.

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Strategy and Goal Setting

Do you want your company to become greener and more sustainable, but not quite sure how to get started? You hear the industry buzz words, like Carbon Neutral, Carbon Negative and NetZero but don’t know what strategy is best for you or how to translate that into appropriate goals?

Rise Energy Services can help you navigate the complex world of sustainability reporting and guide you to goals that are achievable and appropriate for your companies position and budget. We leverage our collective experience with companies of all sizes to guide you to goals that make sense, what ever your ambition.

Execution and Goal Attainment

Do you already have set corporate sustainability goals for your business and now have to figure out how to deliver on them? On time? On budget? Are you surrounded by energy companies all pushing their specific solution and you are trying to figure out the whole picture?

Rise Energy Services can help you look at the relative costs and benefits of a variety of alternative solutions. We have the benefit of having structured hundreds of renewable energy transactions with both end users and suppliers. We know the questions to ask and where the risks are hidden.