Natural Gas Procurement

Our team has experience delivering tailored natural gas solutions to businesses across the U.S.. We take the hassle out of procurement and help you deliver on your goals.

  • We can work alongside your existing procurement team or deliver a fully packaged service to achieve your objectives:
    • Provide market intelligence on what is happening in today’s market
    • Help determine the optimal product structure meets your firms needs
    • Balancing sustainable energy priorities without sacrificing your budget
    • Running competitive RFPs and reverse auctions on your behalf
    • Recommending the best natural gas supplier in each of your operating regions
    • Negotiating with suppliers and sorting out contract terms

Renewable Natural Gas

Let our team of renewable natural gas experts help guide you through the optimal way to decarbonize your natural gas use.

  • Provide market intelligence on RNG pricing 
  • Evaluate supply options (landfill, wastewater, dairy or swine manure, food waste) that best fit your needs
  • Conducting renewable RFPs to manage overall cost
  • Assessing impact to your GHG reporting protocols and emission reduction goals
  • Delivery options (pipeline, truck)
  • Negotiating contract terms with project developers or credit providers

Where We Service