Sustainable Energy Resources


Learn more about some of the most common market based options to shift your energy consumption toward more sustainable choices.

Biomethane or biogas is produced when microorganisms digest organic materials in an anaerobic (oxygen free) environment. The most common types of organic materials are wastewater, food scraps, landfilled waste or animal manure.

Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable capacity from wind and solar generation has increased 850% since 2008, from 26 GW to 220 GW of total generating capacity. The primary driver of this increase has been the demand to meet state level Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) goals, accounting for fully 2/3 rd of the increase.

Renewable Electricity

A carbon offset is a reduction of Greenhouse gas in the atmosphere equivalent to one tonne of CO2 that is real, additional, verifiable and permanent. Carbon offsets exist in both voluntary markets and under mandatory or compliance programs.

Carbon Offsets

Sustainable Energy Resources


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The United States is not alone in facing the significant challenge of moving toward more sustainable choices to fuel our economy. Progress has been made, but there is much more to be done if we are to fully address the impact of man- made emissions on climate change.

Framing the U.S. sustainable energy challenge of the next 20 years

Renewable natural gas is viewed as a promising source of supply by states, utilities, and businesses to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move them closer to achieving their sustainability objectives.

Can Renewable Natural Gas succeed outside compliance markets?

The statistics around sustainable program adoption are staggering. Over 90% of the S&P 500 have at least one sustainability goal.

What are the Benefits of Sustainability?

New York Cap & Invest (NYCI; pronounced Nicky) will establish the allowable GHG emissions each year in the State of NY.

The New York Cap & Invest Program