Moving to lower carbon energy sources is one of the great challenges of our generation

RISE provides market intelligence and practical solutions for companies committed to the energy transition.

Measure, track, and report your company's impact and progress against goals

RISE's certified professionals can help set baselines, emission reduction goals and evaluate the most economical path to achieving those goals

RISE is a sustainable energy advisory firm,
simplifying the path to achieving your energy goals.


We offer thoughtful research and market insights on some of the hottest topics in decarbonization and energy to help keep your team informed, from the boiler room to the board room.


With practical strategies for navigating today's energy market, we help you make the right choices.


Whatever the size of your energy budget or ambition of your sustainability objectives, we can improve the return on your spend.

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Need to meet or even create sustainability goals for your business? The team at RISE Energy Services has led some of the largest retail energy businesses in North America where we built industry-leading expertise and capabilities in renewable energy.

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