Fuel Cell Applications

Rise Energy Services has partnered with Bloom Energy, the leading provider of fuel cell solutions, with a total installed base exceeding 1 GW at over 1,000 sites.

  • Delivering reliable and resilient power, even when the grid is unavailable
  • Lower cost than many utilities, with fixed, predictable, long-term rates
  • Complete protection for sensitive loads from grid outages and disturbances
  • Short and long-term solutions that can be contracted under PPA or capital outlay.
  • PPAs are off balance sheet and not treated as leases.
  • Time to power (~9 months) from contract signing is quicker than most utility upgrades.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

756 lbs CO2/MWh

compared to 919 lb CO2/MWh for the US grid

Air Pollution

Virtually none

compared to 0.7 lb Nox/MWh of Noxious for the US grid

and up to 20 lb Nox/MWh from diesel generators

Water Usage

99.99% less

compared to conventional combustion-based power systems

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