Sustainable Energy Resources

to inform your business

When it comes to the world of sustainable energy, there’s a lot of buzzwords out there. To make the most informed decisions for your business, it’s crucial to remove the mystery and jargon and understand exactly what’s at stake. RISE Energy Services can be your one-stop resource for any questions you have. Please use these resources we’ve put together to stay on top of the industry.

About Renewable Natural Gas

Biomethane or biogas is produced when microorganisms digest organic materials in an anaerobic (oxygen free) environment. The most common types of organic materials are wastewater, food scraps, landfilled waste or animal manure.

About Renewable Electricity

Renewable capacity from wind and solar generation has increased 850% since 2008, from 26 GW to 220 GW of total generating capacity. The primary driver of this increase has been the demand to meet state level Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) goals, accounting for fully 2/3rds of the increase. The remaining capacity has been available to meet demand in the “voluntary” renewable markets.

About Carbon Offsets

A carbon offset is a reduction of Greenhouse gas in the atmosphere equivalent to one tonne of CO2 that is real, additional, verifiable and permanent. Carbon offsets exist in both voluntary markets and under mandatory or compliance programs. Voluntary carbon markets (VCM) are the mechanism for non-state entities to contribute to global GHG reductions beyond those required for compliance purposes.


Thoughtful Resources for a Decarbonized World

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