RISE Energy Services of New Jersey is now an approved partner with BloomEnergy fuel cells. RISE will now be able to offer access to one of the best on-site power solutions available. BloomEnergy’s fuel cells offer businesses access to sustainable, reliable, and predictable power supply. The solution uses proven technology that avoids any emissions from combustion, offering Always-On power, at a predictable price over many years. “We are excited about the prospect of expanding our suite of sustainable energy solutions for our clients and believe BloomEnergy offers a valuable service in today’s challenging business environment,” says John Schultz, Co-Founder of Rise Energy Services.

About BloomEnergy…

BloomEnergy is the industry leader in developing and deploying stationary fuel cell solutions with hundreds of MegaWatts installed at over 700+ global sites. BloomEnergy fuel cells have powered customers through 2,000+ power outages since 2008.

Bloom Energy

About RISE 

RISE Energy Services is an energy advisory and services company. We help energy consumers set and achieve sustainability goals and support energy companies and investors by improving the returns on their existing and prospective investments. RISE is led by energy industry executives that have significant experience growing sales and building profitable companies. 


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